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HOMEPAGE: Don Young once stood for a balanced budget, and called for reducing the economic burdens facing typical Alaskans. However, since Young ascended the heights of D.C.'s hierarchy, he's morphed into a power-broking politician who increasingly votes against the best interests of his constituents. This site provides in-depth research, with links to source documents that analyze and define Young's voting record. A fair reading of it concludes "Don Young IS history"!

2008 Election Results: Don Young's History took Fairbanks away from Young!

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Who are we?

Don Young's once-obscure voting history is revealed

Don Young promoted gambling, spreading casinos throughout the US

Don Young votes to undermine time and a half pay for overtime

Don Young shifted the financial burden of big government to us

Don Young funds his big government agenda by expanding the national debt

Don Young trolls far and wide for his campaign donations

Bailouts, bankruptcies, and bubbles are an integral part of Don Young's legacy

Don Young's "character issues"

Don Young is bankrupting the future of Social Security, reserving it as a slush fund for "borrow/spend" pork barrel projects

Don Young sacrifices Alaska's 90/10 split of oil royalty revenue when he promotes ANWR

Don Young persistently shortchanges veterans

Don Young supports automatic Congressional pay raises

Don Young's immigration and free trade policies slash blue collar living standards

Don Young has one of the worst attendance records in Congress

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