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Don Young trolls far and wide for his campaign donations

Don Young votes to preserve the rules that allow his fundraising and political favor machinery to thrive

During the 2004 election cycle, 91% (or $2.5 million) of Don Young's campaign donations came from outside Alaska (Note: 1.2 meg file)

VECO's treasure chest provided Don Young with a campaign slush fund

Don Young collected more from Coconut Road beneficiaries than was previously reported

DC political operatives "outbid" Alaskans for our representation in Congress (Note: 1.2 meg file)

Texans "outbid" Alaskans for our representation in Congress (Note: 0.8 meg file)

Virginians "outbid" Alaskans for our representation in Congress (Note: 0.9 meg file)

Don Young's donations from Arkansas myseriously spiked during the 2006 election cycle (Note: 0.8 meg file)

Don Young collected $24,000 from Jack Abramoff's clients

Review $25,000 in donations from friends and family of a convicted Wisconsin trucking magnate

Don Young recieved $30,000 in donations from the DeLay Group

Wal-Mart executives donated $24,000 to Don Young when he steered a $37 million road upgrade to Wal-Mart headquarters

Don Young intimidated whistleblowers involved with oil royalty tax scams that netted billions of dollars for Alaska and others

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