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Independent groups are alarmed by Don Young's fiscal irresponsibility

Don Young was once praised as a deficit hawk by non-partisan watchdog groups seeking to halt and reverse the rapid growth of big government, high taxeses, and our national debt. Over the past 12 years, these groups have noted Young's curious transformation into a lawmaker who favors pork barrel spending and borrowing from future generations.

Americans for Tax Reform has had a turbulent relationship with Don Young.

Citizens Against Government Waste awarded dubious distinctions to Young

Taxpayers for Common Sense bestowed Don Young with its Golden Fleece Award for wasting taxpayer money on the Bridge to Nowhere

The Club for Growth's RePork Card project tracks Young's addiction to pork

The Concord Coalition tracked Young's plummeting fiscal responsibility in the late 1990's and early 2000's

Watchdogs of the Treasury, Inc. praised Young's fiscal restraint in the mid-1990's. That's no longer true today!

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