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Don Young expects Alaskans to compete with low wage foreign workers

"Previous trade deals negotiated under fast track are not working for the American people, but are working against them". Don Young's 9/25/98 press release.

Prior to 2003, the vintage Don Young voted against free trade agreements, and in favor of high paying jobs for typical American workers. He flip-flop 2003, and now promotes an elitist economy that provides low wage jobs for most Americans. Unless you earn a college degree, happen to come from a wealthy family, learn a skilled trade, or win the lottery, Young has traded your earning potential for a global economy with unfair trade policies. Corporations promoting globalism get rich, while the average Alaskan wage earner falls behind.

At least 3,690, and potentially up to 36,000* Alaskan jobs were either eliminated or suffered significant wage reductions due to liberalized trade policies. These negative job impacts were tracked under federal programs** providing benefits to workers with livelihoods undermined by our trade deficit.

* The total number of jobs lost to trade in 1999 exceeded (i.e., by a factor of 10) the number of workers who actually obtained benefits under "Trade Adjustment Assistance" program, according to the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
** Source: The Bush Administration's "Consolidated Trade Adjustment Assistance" program documents that at least 3,690 Alaskan jobs (and 741 thousand US jobs) have been negatively impacted by trade since 2003.
*** The Clinton Administration's "Trade Adjustment Assistance" program documents at least 3,360 Alaskan jobs (and 1.1 million US jobs) that were negatively impacted by trade between 1994 and 2002.


Young’s pro-free trade voting record since 2003


Don Young’s Action:




H. RES. 1092

Voted No, Roll Call 181

Prevent a vote on implementing the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, under H.R. 5724


Bill remains in limbo

H.R. 3688

Voted Yes, Roll Call 1060

Implement Peru Free Trade Agreement


Passed into Law

HR 1830

Voted Yes, Roll Call 583

Extend Andean Free Trade Preference



HR 5602

Voted Yes, Roll Call 519

Extend Normal Trade Relations with Vietnam


Passed House, died in Senate

HR 5684

Voted Yes, Roll Call 392

Authorize the Bush Administration to negotiate a free trade agreement with Oman




Voted Yes, Roll Call 24

Extend normal trade relations to the Ukraine


Passed into Law 109-205

HR 4340

Voted Yes, Roll Call 616

U.S.Bahrain free trade agreement



HR 3045

Voted Yes, Roll Call 443

Free trade agreement between the U.S., Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua



HJR 27

Voted No, Roll Call 239

U.S. withdrawal from the World Trade Organization



HR 4842

Voted Yes, Roll Call 413

US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement



HR 4759

Voted Yes, Roll Call 375

U.S.Australia free trade agreement



H.R. 4520

Voted Yes, Roll Calls 259 & 509

$40 billion in tax breaks for companies that export jobs

6/17/04 & 10/7/04

Passed into Law


Before 2003, Young generally voted in favor of high paying jobs for typical

American workers, and against free trade agreements:

Don Young's pre-2003 voting record against free trade


Don Young’s Action:




H.R. 2738

Voted No, Roll Call 436

Implement the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement


Passed into Law

H.R. 2739

Voted No, Roll Call 432

U.S.Singapore Free Trade Agreement


Passed into Law

H.R. 3009

Voted No, Roll Call 370

Allow the President to negotiate fast-track trade agreements and the Andean Trade Preference Act


Passed into Law


Voted Yes, Roll Call 275

Disapprove normal trade relations with Vietnam


Failed in House


Voted Yes, Roll Call 255

Disapprove normal trade relations with China


Failed in House

H. J. Res. 90

Voted Yes, Roll Call 310

Withdrawal from World Trade Organization


Defeated in House

H.R. 4444

Voted No, Roll Call 228

Permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) with China


Passed into Law

H.R. 434

Voted No, Roll Call 307

African Free Trade Bill


Passed into Law

H.R. 2621

Voted No, Roll Call 466

Allow the President to negotiate trade agreements


Defeated in House

H.R. 2644

Voted No, Roll Call 570

Extend NAFTA to a US Caribbean Trade Agreement


Defeated in House

H.J. Res. 182

Voted No, Roll Call 284

Revoke China’s most favored nation trade status


Defeated in House

H.R. 3759

Voted Yes, Roll Call 412

Overseas Private Investment Corporation - Allegedly creates jobs in US by helping US firms invest overseas, others disagree


Defeated in House

H.R. 3450

Voted No, Roll Call 575

Approve NAFTA


Passed into Law

H.R. 5110

Voted No, Roll Call 507

Authorize World Trade Organization, replacing the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade under the “Uruguay Round”


Passed into Law

H.R. 1876

Voted No, Roll Call 247

Authorize GATT Uruguay Round of trade negotiations under Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988


Passed into Law

H.R. 5090

Voted Yes, Roll Call 267

Implement the Canada Free Trade Agreement


Passed into Law

H.R. 4848

Voted *, Roll Call 231

Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988, authorizing free trade negotiations


Passed into Law

H.R. 3

Voted *, Roll Calls 78, 66, and 150

Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988, authorizing free trade negotiations

4/30/87, 4/21/88, and 5/24/88

Vetoed by President

H.R. 2268

Voted *, Roll Call 97

Authorize US - Israel Free Trade Area


Passed into Law

H.R. 10710

Voted No, Roll Calls 645 and 578

Allow President to negotiate fast track trade agreements, which Congress must vote on without amend/filibuster.

12/11/73 and 12/20/74

Passed into Law


 * Data incomplete; this is a work in progress. Visit often to review Don Young voting patterns as our research is further developed.

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