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Don Young uses immigration to reduce American wages and increase corporate profits

"We must secure our borders, and provide a workable solution for illegal immigrants already in the country. However, we cannot provide more incentives for foreigners to come here illegally." - Don Young's claim

Don Young has voted many times for measures that encourage foreigners to enter this country, compete for American jobs, and lower wages for workers throughout the US. Compare some of Don Young's claims about his immigration policies (from his congressional web site) with his voting record below.

Immigration Issues


Don Young’s Action:




H.R. 6061

Voted No, Roll Call 446

Construct 700 mile fence along border with Mexico


Signed into law

H.AMDT. 138

Voted No, Roll Call

Deny federal funding for state and local governments who enact sanctuary policies for illegal aliens. Amendment to H.R. 2360.


Amendment was defeated

H.AMDT. 962

Voted No, Roll Call 222

End “Temporary Protected Status” program for nationals of Guatemala, Honduras, or Nicaragua. Amendment to H.R. 5441


Amendment was defeated

H.AMDT. 950

Voted No, Roll Call

Provide $20 million for a program that would allow employers to electronically check the eligibility of new employees to work in the United States. Amendment to H.R. 5441


Amendment Passed

H.AMDT. 658

Voted No, Roll Call 656

Confirms state/local law enforcement's authority to assist in the enforcement of immigration law. Amendment to H.R. 4437


Amendment Passed

H.AMDT. 288

Voted No, Roll Call 262

Deny federal funding for state and local governments who enact sanctuary policies for illegal aliens. Amendment to H.R. 2862


Amendment was defeated

H.R. 418

Voted No, Roll Call 31

Make illegal aliens ineligible for drivers licenses


Passed House

H.R. 4052


Temporarily increase the number of temporary nonagricultural workers from 66,000 to 106,000


Died in Committee

H.R. 10

Voted No, Roll Call 523

9-11 Commission recommendations that: a) prohibited driver's licenses to illegal aliens; b) expedited removal of illegal aliens; c) increased Border Patrol agents; and d) restricted the types of ID valid for entry to the US.


Passed House, died in Senate

H.R. 1885

Voted Yes, Roll Call 127

Extend a controversial immigration provision allowing illegal aliens to remain in U.S. after applying for legal immigration.


Passed Senate and House

H.AMDT. 158

Voted No, Roll Call 186

Allow armed forces to assist with securing borders against illegal aliens. Amendment to H.R. 1401. Measure eventually passed under S.1059


Amendment Passed, but the House bill died.

H.R. 3736

Voted No, Roll Call 460

Prohibit replacement of US workers with foreigners entering the US on temporary H-1B visas.


Passed in House, died in Senate

H.AMDT 968

Voted No, Roll Call 74

Amendment to H.R. 2202 which would bar illegal aliens from receiving public assistance


Amendment Failed

H.AMDT. 970

Voted Yes, Roll Call 76

Amendment to H.R. 2202 which would eliminate a program to assist employers determine whether their employees can legally work in the U.S.


Amendment Failed

H.AMDT. 981

Voted Yes, Roll Call 86

Amendment to H.R. 2202 would allow 100,000 foreign workers annually. Allows employers to recruit foreign workers after 20 days attempting to recruit U.S. workers.


Amendment Failed

H.AMDT. 982

Voted Yes, Roll Call 87

Amendment to H.R. 2202 that would temporarily extend a program that allows foreign nurse guest workers.


Amendment Failed

S. 1200

Voted *, Roll Call 469

Establish an amnesty program for 2.7 million illegal aliens who had been in the US since 1/1/82.


Passed into Law


* Data incomplete; this is a work in progress. Visit often to review Don Young voting patterns as our research is further developed.

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