Hon. Don Young (Alaska - at large) Press Release
Don Young, Congressman for all Alaska.  News for Immediate Release.  Contact the Press Secretary at (202) 225-2765 for additional information.
September 24, 1996

Washington, D.C. - Alaska Congressman Don Young today was presented with the "Golden Bulldog Award" by the Watchdogs of the Treasury, Inc., for his voting record in favor of cutting federal spending, eliminating waste in government, and reducing the budget deficit in the 104th Congress.

The Watchdogs of the Treasury, a non-partisan organization which tracks the voting records of elected officials on issues relating to the economy and federal spending, awards the Golden Bulldog only to those Representatives and Senators who vote to restrain unnecessary Federal spending at least 75 percent of the time.

Congressman Young scored 89 percent, voting to cut the budget deficit, limit the Federal government's power to raise taxes, and reduce federal regulation that strangles economic growth.

"I'm honored to be presented with the'Golden Bulldog' Award," said Congressman Young. "My voting pattern reflects the will of Alaskans, who overwhelmingly want limits on the Federal government's spending that over the last two decades has saddled future generations with a $5 trillion debt. Given the encouraging sign that for the first time over one-half of the Members of the House and Senate received the award, it is my belief that actions of the 104th Congress have begun to set us on the right track towards fiscal responsibility. We have to follow through on budget responsibility in the next session."

The award was based on a careful analysis of 51 votes covering a range of fiscal and economic issues, from a constitutional balanced budget amendment, to reducing levels of spending on unnecessary federal programs.

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