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Don Young persistently votes to shortchange Veterans

I, like so many of my fellow Alaskans, realize the responsibility that our Nation has to ensure the care of our brave soldiers. -Don Young campaign web site

Don Young claims to recognize our obligation to care for veterans. The Veterans Administration and the veterans groups who track congressional voting records beg to differ. Disabled veterans face the toughest financial challenges.

During Young's tenure in the House majority, he frequently voted against the interests of disabled veterans - on 9 out of 18 votes cast, according to the Disabled Veterans of America. Young's voting record was rated C+ by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America for the 2005/06 Congressional session. This C+ rating was based on 34 votes against veterans issues, along with 23 missed votes, and 114 favorable votes.

In 2007, President Bush and the Congress were embarassed by revelations over the dismal state of health care for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress responded by boosting the VA budget by $8.8 billion. In response to these sameful revelations, Young improved his voting record somewhat, and earned a "B" for the 2007/08 Congressional session.



Don Young’s Action:




H.J. RES. 20

Voted No, Roll Call 72

Appropriations bill providing adequate funding veterans' health care


Passed into Law

H.R. 5122

Voted No, Roll Call 144

Vote to return HR 5122 to committee with instructions to protect pensions for widows and orphans of deceased or fully disabled military personnel.


Motion failed

H.AMDT. 216

Voted No, Roll Call 224

Add $53 million for veterans’ health care and processing claims for compensation and pensions. Amendment to H.R. 2528.


Amendment failed

H.AMDT. 68

Voted No, Roll Call 87

Reverse mandatory cuts to veterans programs and increase funding for veterans. Amendment to H. Con. Res. 95


Amendment failed

H.CON. RES. 95

Voted Yes, Roll Call 88

$2 billion shortfall for veterans’ health care, over the next five years, cuts veterans’ health care by $14 billion below maintaining these programs at their current levels.  Requires the Veterans’ Affairs Committee to make another cut of $798 million over the next five years, requiring new fees for veterans’ health care or cuts in veterans’ benefits.


Passed House and Senate

H.AMDT. 66

Voted No, Roll Call 82

Add $3.2 billion in FY 2006 for veterans' health care, to meet the growing needs of returning soldiers, including mental health services and prosthetics and amputee care, medical facilities, and medical research. Amendment to H. CON. RES. 95.


Amendment Failed

H.RES. 341

Voted Yes, Roll Call 325

Block vote on an amendment adding $1 billion for VA health care in 2005 to the Foreign Operations Appropriations bill H.R. 3057


Motion passed to block amendment

HR 3010

Voted No, Roll Call 320

Vote to return HR 3010 to committee with instructions to add $1 billion to address the VA’s acknowledgment of its under-funding.


Funding bill passed, VA budget left underfunded

H.RES. 298

Voted Yes, Roll Call 223

Block consideration of an amendment to add $2.6 billion for veterans’ health care to Veterans Spending Bill. Motion would have amended H.R.2528


Motion passed to block amendment

H.AMDT. 52

Voted Yes, Roll Call 71

Block consideration of an amendment to provide $3.1 billion to the Veterans Administration. Amendment to H.R. 1268


Amendment blocked

H.AMDT. 43

Voted Yes, Roll Call 69

Block consideration of an amendment would add $1.2 billion for veterans’ health care for FY 2005. H.R. 1268.


Motion passed

H.J. Res. 107

Voted No, Roll Call 478

Motion to revise appropriations bill to add $2.5 billion for veterans' health care for FY 2005


Motion Rejected

H. Res. 685

Voted No, Roll Call 301

Provide an additional $1.3 billion to improve veterans' health care, shorten waiting times at VA health care facilities, and provide critical mental health services to address needs resulting from wartime deployments


House Rejected

S. Con. Res. 95

Voted Yes, Roll Call 198

Shortchange veterans' health care by $1.3 billion


Passed House and Senate

H. Con. Res. 393

Voted Yes, Roll Call 92

Veterans' health care budget for FY 2005. This bill was $1.3 billion less than the necessary funding to maintain current services according to the Veterans’ Affair Committee.


Passed House

H. Amdt. 490

Voted No, Roll Call 91

$2.5 billion increase over the Bush budget for veterans' health care for FY 2005, which was needed just to maintain the existing level of veterans' health care services. Amendment to H. Con. Res. 393


Amendment Failed

H.AMDT. 407

Voted No, Roll Call 547

Additional $3.6 billion to improve the quality of life for armed forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Amendment to H.R. 3289.


Amendment Failed

H. Con. Res. 95

Voted Yes, Roll Call 82

Budget Resolution with $14 billion over 10 years cut from veterans pension, compensation, education and other benefits, $14 billion veterans health care cut over 10 years, and imposes a $250 fee for enrollment in VA health care and a doubling of the drug co-payment for category 7 and 8 veterans.


Passed House and Senate

H.R. 2861

Voted Yes, Roll Call 456

Reduce Veterans funding by $2 billion from levels established in the budget resolution for 2004.


Passed House

H.J.RES. 124

Voted No, Roll Call 473

Vote to return measure to committee with instructions to provide increased funding for veterans' health care


Funding bill passed, VA budget left underfunded


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