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As a local campaign in a statewide race, we raised/spent about $10,000, plus an additional $4,000 in repaid loans. This allowed us to buy about $7K in local radio ads, $2K in newspaper ads, $0.7K developing the website (purchasing access to's political donation database), and about $1K for flyers handed out on the streets of Fairbanks. Our fundraising and campaign spending was overwhelmingly Fairbanks-based.

FEC Status

Don Young's History registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) during the 2008 election cycle. We were an independent, Nonconnected Committee (PAC) that did not coordinate with other campaigns or campaign committees. Due to rules regarding the legal name for a PAC, we were registered as "Fairbanks vs. the Congressman for All Alaska". Although we closed our 2008 FEC registration, we hope to return for the 2010 elections.



Who are we?

Don Young's History is a group of long time Alaskans - primarily from Fairbanks - who have watched from the sidelines while Don Young's history unfolded. With Young nearing the end of his fourth decade in office, we've collected our memories and thoroughly researched his record.

Don's history shows he's sold us down the river. While his votes are public, the larger story about Young's voting patterns, and what they mean for America, have remained obscure, until now. We invite your review of this information; we believe it deserves wide dissemination. We count on our readers to help carry out this task.

Contact our webmaster (see below) if you: a) have old news clippings, memories, or interesting tips about Don Young, b) would like to print our flyers and hand them out in public places, c) if you are willing to make a donation to enable a political campaign promoting this website (i.e., requiring FEC registration), and d) if you have constructive criticism or you hear of public attacks on our research. Your assistance is needed and appreciated.

This site, along with our research is being refined and developed. Check back often. Thank you.

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Donations: Our donations page has been suspended, awaiting the 2010 election cycle.

Please remember that: 1) Donors need to be US citizens, 2) Your donation is not tax deductible, 3) Your contribution is limited to $5,000 per individual for the general election cycle*, and 4) If your contribution is over $50, the FEC requires that we obtain your name, address, occupation, and employer.

* Our latest discussions with the FEC indicate that donation limits are higher than we were initially told. - 10/27/08 update

Spread the word: Please do whatever you can to spread the word about this web site: a) Send a letter to the editor, b) E-mail our web address to friends, c) Print out our flyer and distribute copies, d) Contact us if you wish to raise money in other communities to run our radio ads. Our reports to the FEC need to reflect financial donations and expenditures promoting this site.

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